Young Thug Reveals How He Ended Up On ‘DONDA’ And Inspired ‘Way 2 Sexy’

Young Thug Reveals How He Ended Up On ‘DONDA’ And Inspired ‘Way 2 Sexy’

Young Thug is less than 48 hours away from releasing his new album Punk.

While completing the project in Atlanta, the “Tick Tock” rapper opened up to Complex about his new music, influence on contemporary rappers, and recent collaborations with Kanye West and Drake.

Thug can be heard alongside Kanye on ‘Remote Control’. When asked how he DONDA track, Thug said it wasn’t even a question.

“I just hit Kanye like, ‘Bro, if I’m not on the album, we’re not talking,'” he said. “What n***s don’t know about Kanye West is that he is a real n***a. He’s a billionaire and all that shit is cool, but in real life he could survive in the trenches. If he goes to the trenches, the jungle, he can survive. He is a real n***a.”

He also revealed how he inspired “Way 2 Sexy”, his collaboration with Drake and Future, by just coming to the studio.

“I think I was fresh as hell, and that n***a Pluto said, ‘Man, you’re on some sexy shit today. You come in with your lotion on…” he recalled. “Then we just started making music. He always tells me everything to do during a song. And so it is with me, I tell him everything too.”

While Thug took inspiration from Lil Wayne, he says it can’t be compared to the influence he’s had on rappers like Lil Baby.

“It’s not like I was like, ‘Wayne made me want to rap,'” he said. “No, I was actually rapping before I knew about Lil Wayne. Before I was old enough for my mom to let me hear ‘Hot Boy’, I was already rapping, so he didn’t really let me rap. He gave me different kinds of swags with rap, and he made me want to be like him when i rap, but he made me not want to rap, but there are n**as in the game that i really made rap. i made Lil Baby rap. I made all these guys rap. I tell them how to think about this shit.”

Thug, who aspires to become the “richest black man in the world,” has big plans beyond rap, including his own city. He received 100 acres of land in Atlanta as a birthday present from his manager and plans to turn it into “Slime City,” where he will build homes, a water park, campground, and more.

And it doesn’t stop there. “I want to be bigger than Tyler Perry and Bill Gates,” he declared. “I want to be bigger than all these n****s, to the point where the police work for me. Like, n***a, I really do rule the world. I am bigger than the president.”

PunkThug’s most personal album to date, comes out Friday. “It may surprise some people that I speak about what the youth are talking about,” he said. “I always had that mentality, like, ‘I don’t rap about what everyone else is rapping about.’ Whatever pops, but this time it was like, “You know what? I’m going to do it.” Just to show I can do it.’ This sh*t is easy.”


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