Why Harry Styles Fans Are ‘Patiently Waiting For Something To Happen’

Harry Styles set Twitter ablaze on Sunday (November 3) with a single tweet that simultaneously revealed so much and so little. Before we continue, you should know that nothing major has happened quite yet. However, it seems like something major could (and will) happen at any moment, so it’s probably a good time to turn on those Harry Styles Twitter alerts. That is, if they’re not on already.

The tweet in question was merely a link to a website that fans first became familiar with prior to the release of Styles’s latest single, “Lights Up.” The site was formerly a random compliment generator, but instead of dishing out compliments, the site is now showing fans an alternate message. “YOU ARE PATIENTLY WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN,” it reads. “TPWK. LOVE, H.”

Styles could be teasing anything from a new single to a full-length album to a 2020 tour, and what exactly he has planned is anyone’s guess. What we do know is that the singer spoke about his upcoming album in his Rolling Stone cover story from September, calling it his “toughest” and “most soulful” LP yet. And just last week, on October 30, he revealed to Capital FM that he wants to tour “next year, maybe, potentially,” adding that he hasn’t “announced that yet.” Last but not least, there was that mysterious tweet about “Watermelon Sugar” that he posted on October 22.

Of course, Styles could be teasing any combination of single, album, and tour. And ever since he first posted the tweet yesterday afternoon, fans have been responding with their own theories about what it could be that they’re “patiently waiting for.”

Clearly, fans came up with some pretty great theories. But if you really want to know what Styles has up his sleeve, it sounds to us like you’re going to have to keep “patiently waiting for something to happen.” Good luck!

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