WHO announces new team to investigate the origins of Covid-19

WHO announces new team to investigate the origins of Covid-19

“Following a public call for experts, WHO announced today the proposed members of the WHO Scientific Advisory Group on the Origins of Novel Pathogens (SAGO). The 26 experts were selected from over 700 applications and selected for their world-class expertise and experience in a range of disciplines as well as their geographic and gender diversity. ”“ It’s a human endeavor to understand a virus that has brought our entire world to a standstill . And I would like to ask everyone, countries, journalists and everyone else to create a little space for this discussion, because this is probably our best chance right now and possibly our last chance to see the origins of. to understand this virus in a collegiate, collective and mutually responsible way. “I expect SAGO, in its discussions of the urgent next steps to understand the origins of the current pandemic, will recommend further studies in China and possibly elsewhere. And I very much hope, we very much hope that there will be more missions to China and other countries. SAGO itself will give recommendations or advice to the WHO. All future missions will be organized by WHO and the Member State concerned. And of course we need the cooperation of this member state in order to carry out all future missions. “

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