While Republicans Attack Trans Youth, Democrats Offer New Protection to Trans Students at School

While Republicans Attack Trans Youth, Democrats Offer New Protection to Trans Students at School

For students who have already stopped attending the school – whether they have graduated or because they have switched, taken time off, etc. – there is still the option to petition the school to have their name and gender registered. update the administration. The student would be required to present a government-issued ID with their current name and gender, such as a passport or updated birth certificate. However, for people who are currently enrolled as students, they are not required to prove that they have legally changed their name.

San Francisco Councilman David Chiu, who wrote the bill, previously wrote another inclusive trans that has already become law. That first law requires public schools from kindergarten to 12th grade to update records for trans and non-binary students to confirm their name and gender. Newsom signed that bill in 2019, the same year Chiu introduced it.

“Students should be able to celebrate their academic achievements without fear of being called by a dead name,” Chiu said, stressing that beating to death on official documents “can create barriers to future employment and a person in an unsafe situation.” can expel.”

We know that transgender people face barriers when it comes to looking for both work and housing as it is, and it is of course worrisome to be ‘spotted’ by people who have the power to give you an income or a roof. above your head. Even in the best-case scenario, where someone who is essentially a stranger handles the situation with grace, it’s still emotionally draining and stressful to be an already vulnerable person in an extra vulnerable position. Knowing that your documents are in order can be a huge relief and may literally change your life.

Unfortunately, this legislation is still not perfect, as not all transgender people have the ability to update their legal documents with their correct information. It can be an expensive process in the first place and it can be a circular, complex problem to first update one item, for example a driver’s license, and then update a separate item, such as a passport. This process can also be complicated if you don’t live in the same state where you first got an ID, such as a license. For transgender people who don’t have a home, paperwork can be especially difficult, as items may need to be replaced before they can be renewed. Nevertheless, the legislation is a huge step in the right direction.

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