Video: Heckler Interrupts Pelosi Press Conference With ‘Let’s Go Brandon! Wow!’

Video: Heckler Interrupts Pelosi Press Conference With ‘Let’s Go Brandon!  Wow!’

A highly energetic opponent of the president interrupted a press conference with Nancy Pelosi, shouting “Let’s Go Brandon,” followed by a “Woo!” that would have made Ric Flair jealous.

The House Speaker delivered a speech in San Francisco to celebrate the benefits of the recently passed $1.75 trillion infrastructure bill known as the “Infrastructure and Jobs Act.”

Pelosi (D-CA) turned to introduce the next guest at the event when an off-camera man interrupted him.

“Let’s go, Brandon!” he screamed. “Wow! USA! USA! USA!”

Pelosi turned to the heckler, paused for a moment, but did not recognize him further.

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Let’s Go Brandon

‘Let’s go Brandon’, for those who have been living under a rock for the past few months, is a… euphemism for the more vulgar and ultimately more satisfying expression – ‘F*** Joe Biden.’

The inside joke is the result of NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, who was interrupted by a very clear and vociferous chant of “F*** Joe Biden”.

Stavast tried to tell viewers that the crowd was chanting a much tastier but very inaccurate, “Let’s go Brandon.”

The expression, which enjoys cult status, crops up almost everywhere.

It appeared on Sports events. It appeared at awards ceremonies. It has surfaced in Congress. It can now be seen on products sold by gun dealers. It has even appeared in churches.

It has even been turned into several chart positions.

Now not even Pelosi can escape the latest trend of disdain for President Biden.

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GOP Planning Brandon Investigations

In an inappropriate example of the “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon, Biden was greeted by cheers as he arrived in Kentucky to review the damage left by tornadoes that killed more than 80 people earlier this month.

“Two ‘Let’s go Brandons’ from the crowd as Biden steps out,” tweeted Lexington Herald chief reporter Austin Horn.

Polls have consistently shown that President Biden’s approval rating is getting worse, despite having a Democratic majority in Congress and a very enthusiastic and helpful media outlet.

A new poll by Morning Consult and Politico shows that four in ten registered voters think Democrats and President Biden have achieved less than expected.

Republicans are reportedly gearing up to launch multiple investigations into the Biden administration if they win back the House in 2022.

Those investigations include, but are not limited to, the deadly withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the arming of the DOJ against parents who claimed to be “domestic terrorists,” the humanitarian crisis at the border, and the president’s bungling with the pandemic response. .

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