UN Secretary-General calls vaccination equality “stupid”

UN Secretary-General calls vaccination equality “stupid”

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UN Secretary-General calls vaccination equality “stupid”

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres attacked the imbalance in the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines between rich and poor countries when he sought $ 8 billion to narrow the gap.

We have no authority to force companies to issue licenses or make countries accept that the trips do not apply. We cannot force countries to organize their vaccination programs in such a way that the vaccination programs of other countries are also taken into account. If we leave it that way and allow the virus to spread like wildfire in the global south, there is a risk that if they can be very soon, there will be no delta – there will be another variant that resist vaccines can, and all vaccination efforts in developed countries that have vaccinated their entire populations one, two or three times, all those efforts will fail. And these people are not protected. So the unjust distribution of vaccines is not just a question of immorality. It’s also a matter of stupidity.

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