Trump Gives Putin A Cherished Parting Gift With Election Loss

Trump Gives Putin A Cherished Parting Gift With Election Loss

Loser Donald Trump has rewarded Russian president Vladimir Putin with nearly everything he demanded over the past four years, and now that he is an official loser, Trump is giving Putin the gift he’s lusted after for decades.

It is no revelation that Vladimir Putin detests everything about the West, with a particularly vehement animus towards the United States of America and its so-called representative democracy. It is also no great revelation that dirty Donald Trump also hates America nearly as much as he abhors its struggling representative democracy; any aspiring dictator loathes following the voice and will of the people and Trump is no exception.

The recent presidential election’s results certainly put Trump in a bad mood, and building on his years of condemnation ofAmerica’s system of government, Trump is giving Putin the grand prize – the peoples’ mistrust of the American electoral process and by extension distrust of the government. It is more dangerous a threat to America than any hostile foreign power could present.

It is a sad state of affairs, but over the past week the majority of Republicans at all levels have joined Trump in making Putin’s wildest dream come true. It is noteworthy to mention that all Americans haven’t lost faith in America’s 231 year old founding document or the representative democracy the Constitution’s Framers created. The Founding Fathers’ intent was to allow governance by the people through their elected representatives. Because of Trump and Republicans’ efforts to sow doubt about the electoral process, Republican voters are most affected by the GOP and Trump’s due diligence in “eroding trust and confidence in elections” and inciting an insidious belief that elections are rigged. Except, that is, when Republicans prevail. 

According to a study by political science researchers from Stanford University and five other institutions of higher learning, exposure to Trump’s tweets casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election’s results “erodes trust” among Republican voters who increasingly believe that America’s electoral process is rigged against them, their man-turned-god standard bearer, and their evangelical racist worldview. The study found that among Democrats the trust in the electoral process actually increased “after seeing Trump’s tweets” over the past six months generally, and specifically over the past couple of weeks.

As the majority of Americans know for a fact, there were no irregularities, there was no cheating, and there was no fraud in the election. It is also a fact that the Republicans “humoring” Trump know there was no fraud in the election. But they are either so terrified of crossing the loser Trump, or alienating their stupid supporters, that the majority of Republican politicians publicly concur with Trump that there was mass fraud in ballot counting; but only at the very top of the ticket. The Republicans who support Trump’s claim of fraud and cheating, many who won reelection to their respective offices, are not complaining about voter fraud in their races.

It is almost certain that many Republican voters know the election was not fraught with abuse or “irregularities” by any means; especially in states where Republicans running for Congress prevailed. However, there is an alarming number of Trump’s cult members who are convinced their demigod was cheated and await word from Trump to arm up and take the streets with blood lust in their eyes. That level of civil unrest would please Trump for sure, but it would excite Vladimir Putin to no end. 

It is important to remember that like Trump sowing antipathy among Americans towards NATO and the global community, nothing would please Putin more than millions of Americans losing faith in their own government. Putin has, after all, spent no small amount of energy undermining Americans’ confidence in government as well as in science; an effort that, with Trump’s valuable assistance, has created blatant mistrust in anything related to reality. 

For their part, Republicans have spent the past twenty years or so claiming there is rampant voter fraud to convince their base that institutionalized voter suppression is absolutely necessary to preserve the white religious supremacy responsible for social injustice targeting people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community.

If it were just Trump attempting to undermine confidence in America’s representative democracy it would be a serious problem for the nation. However, it is an atrocity that the Republican movement has joined Trump and cast aspersions on the electoral process because he is a pouty sore loser.

Sadly, far too many Americans buy in to the concept of electoral fraud targeting Trump and his evangelical racist supporters with no small number of those acolytes ready and willing to take up arms against other Americans and the government – something Vladimir Putin, dirty Don Trump, and Republicans are celebrating as a victory against democracy.

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