Trump-appointed judge ends Biden’s hiatus over new oil and gas lease on public lands

Trump-appointed judge ends Biden’s hiatus over new oil and gas lease on public lands

A Trump-appointed federal judge for Louisiana’s Western District on Tuesday issued a preliminary injunction to end the Biden administration’s pause on new oil and gas leases on public land.

US District Judge Terry Doughty’s order follows several lawsuits filed by Republican-controlled states that are on the brink of being destroyed by Biden’s moratorium.

The judge did not rule on whether Biden’s moratorium was legal and temporarily halted it while the lawsuit went through the legal process.

Recall that Joe Biden wasted no time destroying tens of thousands of jobs on his first day in office by canceling the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Biden has also imposed a 60-day moratorium on new oil and natural gas leases and drilling licenses on federal lands.

Several states, including states that Joe Biden (presumably) won in 2020 and the Ute Indian tribe came out and overturned Joe Biden’s federal energy bans.

New Mexico leaders are concerned that Biden’s war on the energy sector will devastate the state’s economy, where education, jobs and public programs depend on industry funding.

Joe Biden (presumably) won New Mexico with 54.29% of the vote versus 43.50% for Trump.

“During his inauguration, President Biden spoke about bringing our nation together. Eliminating drilling on public lands will cost thousands of New Mexicans their jobs and destroy what is left of our state’s economy,” Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway told The Associated Press in January. “How does that bring us together? Environmental efforts must be fair and well-founded, not hasty mandates that only harm an already impoverished state.”

Other western and southwestern states will also be hit hard by Joe Biden’s war on energy.

Congressman Kevin Brady (T-TX) said if Biden’s war on gas and oil is permanent, 120,000 Texas jobs will be lost.

The Ute Indian Tribe in Fort Duchesne, Utah, also rejected the Biden government’s restrictions on federal energy development.

“Your order is a direct attack on our economy, sovereignty and our right to self-determination. Indian lands are not federal public lands. Any action on our lands and interests can only be taken after effective consultation with the tribe,” Luke Duncan, chairman of the Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee, wrote in a letter to the acting Home Secretary.

Mr Duncan accused the Biden administration of violating the US Treaty and entrusting responsibilities to the Ute Indian Tribe and violating the “important principles of tribal sovereignty and self-determination”.

“We are reviewing the judge’s opinion and will stick to the decision,” a spokesman for the Home Office told The Hill. “The Department of the Interior continues to work on an interim report that will include initial findings on the state’s federal conventional energy programs, as well as outline next steps and recommendations for the Department and Congress to improve public land and water management. improve, create jobs and build a just and equitable energy future.”

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