This ‘Last Christmas’ Cover Is Your New Anti-Holiday Anthem

Egg nog is disgusting. Its mucus-like consistency should make you gag the second it touches your tongue. Christmas songs grow old after hearing them year after year for decades. Christmas sucks. Let Lucy Dacus tell you that in her new cover of Wham!’s 1984 classic  “Last Christmas.” It’s the year’s most overrated holiday and a weight loss solution for bulky wallets. But Dacus’s beef comes from a memory of a gift that was tossed aside the very next day: her heart. You’ll hear the conviction in her voice and might decide to skip the holiday yourself this year. Or, just maybe, be extremely careful about who you give a gift to.

Dacus’ feel-good rock rendition is so smooth and awesome that you wouldn’t even realize that she’s saying she hates Christmas. If it were a person, she wouldn’t give them a coat if they were cold in the winter. The beef is that serious. Dacus gave her last partner her heart for Christmas in a show of love. Things didn’t work out, so now she has to be extremely careful about who she gives it to next. She’s hardened her shell and suddenly Christmas isn’t the only cold time of year anymore. She throws snowballs made of ice at her cold ex, making sure that they feel like every bit of the douchebag that she thinks they are. “My god, I thought you were someone to rely on/Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on,” she sings. She’s in a better place now, but the memory will always endure. Christmas just isn’t the same when feelings get involved. The days of new cars, dolls, guitars, and ugly sweaters from grandparents are nothing but memories.

Dacus’s cover of “Last Christmas” is set to appear on her forthcoming EP, 2019, that drops on November 8. It features previously released singles like “La Vie En Rose,” “My Mother And I,” and “Forever Half Mast” that are all set around holidays (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Independence Day respectively).

Listen to Dacus hate on the holidays in “Last Christmas” up above.

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