This Grill Made RHOSLC Star Lisa Barlow Feel Like a Chef

This Grill Made RHOSLC Star Lisa Barlow Feel Like a Chef

Lisa isn’t the only one raving about this electric grill. Here’s what some fellow Amazon shoppers had to say. 

One shared, “This indoor grill is fabulous! I was struggling to figure out how to make a good steak since moving into an apartment and not being able to bring my outdoor grill, then I came across this awesome indoor grill! I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived yesterday and i immediately took it out and made 4 ribeye steaks on it. They came out absolutely perfect.”

Another gushed, “I absolutely love this grill. It heats up fast and is so easy to clean. I also love the grill can be flipped to a griddle and makes great pancakes. I’ve done meat and kabobs on the grill plate side. I’m still not sure what to put in the 8 plates but I think I may try eggs! Comes just as described and totally worth it! It also doesn’t smoke at all. I’ve had other indoor grills that are smokeless but smoke and set off my fire alarms. Not with this one!”

An Amazon shopper revealed, “My husband wanted this grill for Christmas and I’m glad we got it. We use it for Korean bbq at home and it works well! It’s practically smokeless. We had the traditional kbbq grill and of course the inside of our house would be smoky and smell but with this electric grill it doesn’t. It’s super easy to clean, non stick. It works well.”

“Very easy to use, perfect grill, non stick coating is easy to clean, perfect for korean bbq as well,” a customer wrote.

Someone else raved, “I don’t know why I waited to get this. It’s perfect. And while the house smells pleasantly like a restaurant, there was no smoke. We put ours on a tray with a silicon baking mat for safety and didn’t need it. Next up are crepes! Worth the money, especially when I want fresh grilled food without stepping in snow.”

“Great for a family table dinner experience. When we are in France we always order table top raclettes…. which are cheese and melted potatoes. This gives the option to melt the cheese and grill your meat/veggies. Cleans up very fast. Great temperature control. It was a great family holiday present that we all enjoy,” a grill owner shared.

An Amazon shopper wrote, “This item is a great one. I’m from The Netherlands and was first introduced to a raclette grill at a friends house in Amsterdam about 10 years ago. These grills were not really available on Amazon then. Over the years I’ve been debating on buying one once Amazon started selling them. Well yesterday I indeed finally made my purchase. My grill arrived the same day and we used it immediately. Oooh my! What a great time did we have as a family talking and sipping while gathered around the grill. This will be in my family a LONG time! Thank you Cusimax for creating this wonderful grill!!!”


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