Think of Aging as Refinement

Think of Aging as Refinement

Tammy Fender
aesthetician and founder and owner of Tammy Fender Holistic Skin Care

After decades of treating clients at her now-famous spa in Palm Beach, Tammy Fender swears that
stress can make our skin look older than it othrwise would. “Our skin is so responsive to our inner state
of well-being,” she says. “When tension shows up in the face, it creates stress lines, and we look older. Just
softening the expression and letting go of negativity—in the forehead, for example, or around the mouth—creates so
much of what we long to see when we think of youth.” Fender’s powerful botanical skin care—hers was one of the
very first clean luxury skin-care lines—works on the same mind-body principle. (Case in point: The item that every
member of the beauty department is obsessed with, the ultramoisturizing rose-scented Restorative Radiance
Masque, leaves both skin and spirit feeling revived after only fifteen minutes.)

  1. Tammy Fender
    Radiance Masque

    goop, $235


Fender’s approach goes far beyond products and treatments, however. “As with all biological beings, our
vitality and radiance are dependent on our underlying state of health, which is created one glass of water, one
fresh salad, one Pilates class, and one good night’s sleep at a time,” says Fender. “I focus on the long game with
my clients, and I live by that philosophy, too.” With more than twenty-five years of seeing what works on herself
and her clients, Fender’s advice on skin care, reducing stress, and living holistically is simple—and really,
really good.

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