These Celebrity Closets Are Stunning

These Celebrity Closets Are Stunning

I’m putting a washer/dryer in my closet as soon as I get rich.

When you have the wardrobe of a celebrity, you obviously need the perfect place to store all of those designer items.

And in order to accommodate their massive clothing collection, these stars end up with some over-the-top closets — and I’m pretty sure some of them are bigger than most people’s apartments.

Take a step inside these massive celebrity closets…


Kylie Jenner’s closet is a stunning display of her favorite items.

Kylie Jenner / Via

Kylie Jenner appears to have elevated her closet since her last tour, but recently gave a glimpse into her massive new space for all of her accessories. Each specially lit shelve includes color coorindated shoes and purses — some of which she considers her most prized possessions.  

Vogue / Via

Mariah Carey’s closet literally looks like a high end boutique — which only makes sense as the singer considers herself “not as casual as most people.” The self-proclaimed “shoe fanatic” has a totally separate room just for her heels and another for her lingerie. Mariah says she sometimes “can’t believe” the entire closet is actually hers.


Tan France’s has an entire floor dedicate to his closet!

Architectural Digest / Via

While Tan France designed the majority of his home, his closet is the only space where he called in backup! The Queer Eye star got the help of a design company to help create the closet which runs the whole length of the house.

“The closet feels very much me. I didn’t want it to be too feminine, I didn’t want it to be too masculine. I wanted it to be a really good balance,” Tan told Architectural Digest.

Khloé Kardashian / Via

Khloé Kardashian had an extra closet in her home so she decided to convert it into a space for all of her fitness gear. She says having the space motivates her to work out. 

“This is one of my favorite rooms of my house…Most people probably don’t have a fitness closet but, you know what, I don’t have a husband so I have an extra closet! This closet is my fitspo and every time I walk by, I’m like, ‘Okay. Motivated. I should get my ass in the gym,'” Khloé said. 


BIllie Eilish is on tour so often that she keeps her closet mobile, stashing her clothing in special road cases. The musician travels with at least five trunks filled to the brim with designer clothes and jewelry. While it’s not the most traditional closet, it seems to work well for the always-on-the-go musician!

Architectural Digest / Via

Kendall Jenner converted two bedrooms on the lower level of her home into a fitting room and glam room. While she has a closet for daily use elsewhere in the house, she primarily uses the two spaces to get ready for events, store new clothing and pack for trips.

“It’s always kind of a mess. This is where I do all of my fittings and to sort of throw. This is where I pack for long trips…Even if it is a little bit cluttered in here, I know where everything is,” Kendall told Architectural Digest.


The closet in Jennifer Lopez’s Hollywood home holds some of her most iconic clothing.

People / Via

Back in 2015, Jennifer Lopez took fans around her massive closet while showing off items from her wardrobe that she used in her film The Boy Next Door. Besides a huge collection of jeans and shoes, Jennifer also keeps some of her most iconic pieces on display like the Versace dress she wore to the Grammys in 2000. Beyond her clothing collection, Jennifer says she also uses the closet as a glam room.

“This is actually where I do glam and everything too. It’s not just a closet. It’s a huge room that we converted for when I get ready for events and stuff like that,” Jennifer told People.


At one point, DJ Khaled had an entire closet dedicated to his sneakers.

Complex / Via

DJ Khaled’s shoe closet was so massive that he needed a ladder to access a majority of his collection! The sky-high shelves surrounded the entire room and contained hundreds of sneakers. Khaled has since sold the home with his shoe closet but he’s sure to have brought his collection with him!


One of Kris Jenner’s favorite places is her walk-in closet.

Judith Leiber Couture / Via

Kris Jenner didn’t hold back when it came to designing her closet in her Calabasas home. The room is separated into sections for shoes, purses, and “glitter and fun gowns.” She also has an area dedicated to everyday wear filled with tracksuits and more casual apparel — like her massive collection of black blazers.

“This is 62 years of collecting, so it’s not like it just happened all at once…Some of the things I’ve had for so many years, the bag collection and every single thing I have has a really wonderful memory,” Kris said.


Cara Delevingne transformed her closet into a bright space for all of her belongings.

Architectural Digest / Via

When Cara Delevingne moved into her LA abode, the closet was dark and difficult to navigate. Because she had trouble seeing the clothes, she decided to paint the space totally white — and it completely opened things up.

Architectural Digest / Via

Chelsea Handler spends a lot of time in her closet so she’s really decked it out! In addition to a massive space for her clothing, she also has a fully stocked fridge for when her girlfriends come over to hang.

“Between my bedroom, my closet and my bathroom, I kind of feel like that’s all a person really needs. I don’t need this big house but I love it,” Chelsea told Architectural Digest.


And finally, Oprah gave a glimpse of her space while packing for a trip.


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