The Things That Help New Parents and Babies Get By

The Things That Help New Parents and Babies Get By

Three of our lovely new moms share the items that are making their lives easier and their babies happier: multilingual music books, an ergonomically designed bouncer, reusable food pouches, the Rolls-Royce of strollers, chic baby clothes, and more.

Megan O’Neill


“I thought you could just put a baby down and he’d contentedly chill, cooing and babbling, in the spot where you placed him. But no. These babies demand to be held. If mine isn’t in my arms, then he’s thrashing his little fists and wailing bloody murder to be carried. This BABYBJÖRN bouncer is the solution. It approximates the snug, cozy feeling of being held and soothes newborns to two-year-olds with the softest-ever rocking. There’s no battery or inconvenient cord to plug in; the gentle bouncing keeps going with the baby’s movements or with taps of your hand or foot, which frees your hands to pound out an email, chop something for dinner, text a friend, or read a few pages of something riveting. The ergonomic design beautifully supports your baby’s back, head, and neck, and the whole contraption is sleek and lightweight, so it doesn’t add to the issue of having unsightly looking baby items strewn about your home. The fabric seat is easy to remove and machine-washable, and I highly recommend the leopard print.”

  1. BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss

    Bouncer Bliss
    BABYBJÖRN, $250


“We charge through snow and sleet. Up precarious slopes in Prospect Park. Along gravelly trails upstate when we do a fall Woodstock weekend. And even past Misty—the jowly pit bull that lives a few houses down, who could end someone if she decided to pounce. Sometimes I look down at my sleeping baby—cozily tucked into his stroller, with his little head slumped and his pouty lips moving as if he’s conversing in his baby dreams—and I’m almost jealous. How luxurious it would feel to float around Brooklyn in a ride like this—on the playground, Silver Cross is called the Rolls-Royce of strollers—reclined, cozy, and removed from danger and weird odors emanating from the subway platform. The wheels are huge and unwavering, like a monster truck’s. The bamboo-liner-covered seat is as comfy as it gets; the stroller comes with a bassinet for newborns and a seat unit for children up to fifty-five pounds. And the storage beneath the seat is roomy enough to hold my dry cleaning, copious amounts of baby supplies to last the day, and a serious bounty from the farmers’ market. My days of hauling provisions home by hand and straining my back are no more! We can gallivant endlessly—until we run out of diapers, that is.”

  1. Silver Cross Wave 2021 Stroller

    Silver Cross
    Wave 2021 Stroller
    Silver Cross, $1,400


“‘Wait, where’d you get that realllllly soft shirt for Lagos?’ Or ‘Wish they made your baby’s outfit in my size.’ These are the kind of text messages I get when I bring Lagos to a friend-hang dressed in anything from Fairwell. Truthfully, he rarely wears anything but the LA-based brand’s velvety pullovers, slouchy raglans, skater tees, plush racer pants, and ruffled sweatshirts. Every single piece is so buttery-soft that anything else you dress your kid in feels like sandpaper by comparison. The designs are casual and cool and for all genders, and the patterns and colors—persimmon, a burnt orangey red, might be my favorite—are gorgeous and varied, ranging from staid earth tones to vibrant swirls. I don’t love dressing my baby in too-cutesy baby apparel, and Fairwell is the perfect understated vibe, hence multiple friends wanting the collection in adult sizes. The founder is a chic, civil-rights-minded mom of two who created her company with the goal of outfitting her girls in the most skin-coddling fabrics on earth—I love supporting women doing great things. And I love that everything is made in LA, and each piece is individually hand-dyed and hand-knit from fibers like bamboo, cotton, and beach-tree-pulp-derived modal—the softest.”

  1. Fairwell Mellow Raglan in Persimmon

    Mellow Raglan in Persimmon
    Fairwell, $57


  2. Fairwell Farewell Town Trouser in Acorn

    Town Trouser in Acorn
    Fairwell, $57


We hope you enjoy the products recommended here. Our goal is to suggest only things we love and think you might, as well. We also like transparency, so, full disclosure: We may collect a share of sales or other compensation if you purchase through the external links on this page (including links to Amazon).

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