The Source |[WATCH] Who is Reverend Jesse Jackson?

The Source |[WATCH] Who is Reverend Jesse Jackson?

Who is Reverend Jesse Jackson? The life and work of the civil rights activist and two-time presidential candidate is honored and valued around the world. Jesse Jackson is an activist who marched in Selma, Alabama with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and later became a leading national spokesperson for African Americans.

In an Instagram post honoring the Jackson legend, prominent attorney and businessman L. Londell McMillan honored Jackson with these words:

Honored to participate in the 80th birthday celebration (and book signing) of the legendary Rev. Jesse L Jackson in Harlem, hosted by the @nationalactionnetwork and hosted by the great Rev Al Sharpton, both iconic human and civil rights advocates and my dear brothers. Grateful to them and all they do, as well as all the powerful community leaders who came forward to support the King of hope and justice. 👑 Pastor Jackson has been a leading leader, pioneer, and hero for decades to many rainbow children (black, brown, white, red, and yellow) who are oppressed and abused. He reformed and changed the democratic political system in America with proportional representation during his 1984 and 1988 presidential elections (if he had not made such changes, there would have been no national election of Barack Obama and others). From operation breadbasket to rescuing hostages on international soil, to working with me with artists like Michael Jackson to promote artist rights, there’s so much I can say about him and his beautiful family… please buy both books for lessons and profiles of courage. There are important moments that I can share with both of these great men. For now I’ll stop here and just say THANK YOU REV JACKSON FOR KEEPING THE HOPE ALIVE. ENJOY YOUR FLOWERS 🌺!!! LOVE & RESPECT

Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you Rev. Jesse Jackson for all you do!


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