The Source | Tina Knowles Reveals Beyonce And Solange Always Celebrated Juneteenth In Houston

The Source |  Tina Knowles Reveals Beyonce And Solange Always Celebrated Juneteenth In Houston

Tina Knowles partnered with Facebook to “celebrate the day” of Juneteenth and “highlight its importance with dedicated programming and initiatives on Facebook platforms.”

She spoke about her new partnership and what the holiday meant to her in a recent interview on CBS This Morning.

Tina shared that she celebrated Juneteenth growing up and so did her daughters, Beyonce and Solange. “It was a day you went to the beach; many people don’t realize that Galveston (Texas) is an island and everything is centered around the beach.”

“When I got older,” she continued, “I could go to Houston to Emancipation Park, and they’ve got big, beautiful parades there… we’ve always celebrated; it has always been a very important holiday.”

It wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles that Tina Knowles realized that the holiday was not widely celebrated.

“I wanted to have a Juneteenth party,” she said, “and my friends didn’t know that two years later we learned of the Emancipation Proclamation that Lincoln had signed.”

“There’s a lot of history that’s been more or less hidden,” she said, “and a big part of it is that in 1866 there were 19,000 black soldiers who also fought for our freedom. And I think it’s important for us to know, because we’ve been told otherwise. And it’s just one more thing about how the vital role we played in the history of this country and helping build this country has changed. Everyone should know the truth.”

Tina Knowles gushed about the joy she had in raising her children to celebrate their Blackness.

I absolutely always knew it was an honor to be a black,” said Knowles-Lawson. “This is what my parents taught me. We should be proud and feel very honored by that. And so I was careful to get that message across to my kids as well, to surround them with African-American art and imagery that they obviously didn’t see on TV or in the neighborhood as much as they should have.”

“It’s up to us parents,” she insisted, “to pass on and pass that knowledge on to our children. My kids celebrate June 19. They always have and they always will.”


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