The Source | Drake, Killer Mike, Ty Dolla $ign, TI, 2 Chainz and others join forces for cannabis pardons

The Source |  Drake, Killer Mike, Ty Dolla $ign, TI, 2 Chainz and others join forces for cannabis pardons

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in a significant percentage of the country, many are calling on President Biden and other elected officials to pardon those convicted of marijuana charges in the past. This includes hip-hop stars Drake, Killer Mike, Ty Dolla $ign, TI, 2 Chainz and others working with Weldon Angelos, a cannabis reform activist and the Mission [Green] project.

In a letter to the White House, the group’s efforts called for Biden and other elected officials to grant pardons and unconditional pardons “to all persons subject to federal criminal or civil enforcement based on non-violent marijuana offenses.”

The letter sets out pleas for clemency and pardon, largely citing the recently passed legalization of marijuana as the basis for pardoning non-violent drug offenses.

“Whatever one thinks of other drugs and other defendants, incarcerating marijuana offenders in federal prisons is a misuse of our nation’s resources and deeply hypocritical, as a clear majority of Americans oppose marijuana prohibition and about half admit it.” use the drug during their lifetime,” the letter reads. “It also goes against the arc of history and the principle of federalism: Nearly three-quarters of states have now abandoned the federal government’s general criminal law prohibition in favor of safe, regulated legal access to marijuana for adults and/or people with disabilities. qualified medical conditions.”

Not only is Angelos associated with the hip-hop community in the western states (he is a part-time producer), but he was also arrested for selling marijuana to an undercover informant. Coupled with the fact that he also had a firearm, Angelos was sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 55 years in federal prison. An article on investigative journalism in Utah revealed that even the judge who convicted Angelos disagreed with the verdict and eventually resigned from the federal bench. Angelos was released after 12 years in prison and was pardoned by President Trump last year. He has since worked with Utah Sen. Mike Lee and other politicians on both sides of the aisle to push for reforms to the criminal justice system.

The mission [Green] The initiative, which is part of the Weldon Project, works to release those serving prison terms for cannabis-related offenses and to create avenues to expulsion or pardon so those affected can live meaningful lives. In addition to the celebrities who work with Angelos, Snoop Dogg has also been involved in the group’s efforts in the past. According to the group’s website, the Weldon Project is committed to funding social change and financial aid for those still serving prison terms for cannabis-related crimes.

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