The Source |600Breezy Accuses 6ix9ine of snitching following prison release

The Source |600Breezy Accuses 6ix9ine of snitching following prison release

Chicago rapper 600Breezy was released from prison on Tuesday after serving about three months behind bars following an alleged threat on rapper 6ix9ine‘s life that was made earlier this year. Now that 600Breezy is out, he appears to be coming for the Gummo rapper again- this time, accusing him of being a “snitch.”

On Tuesday, 600Breezy (real name Antonio Valentino King) posted a picture of himself smiling in what appears to be an orange prison jumpsuit with the caption “2-22-22 He’s Back” with a devil face emoji.

600Breezy’s legal troubles stem back to 2012 when he was arrested for a crack possession charge. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2017, but was ultimately released from custody after serving just under a year for the offense.

In the fall of 2021, he was arrested for being a “fugitive from justice” in Alabama but was shortly released. In December, however, he was arrested in Polk County, Iowa for a probation violation that stemmed from an apparent threat made towards 6ix9ine in addition to posting a photo with guns in it on Instagram almost a year ago.

During the post, which centered around issues with King Von and Lil Durk, 600Breezy apparently made comments towards 6ix9ine to the effect of “You gon’ die when I see you,” “you gotta move around with security ‘cause you b**** and hoe,” “you gon’ die, n*gga,” and more.

When the warrant was issued for his arrest last fall, 600Breezy tweeted “dude [referring to 6ix9ine] put the police on me. I been had a warrant for three weeks. leave buddy alone fr. It’s not a drill he is the feds.”

This week, he posted a copy of his Minutes of Testimony on his IG story, which showed that his, probation violation was the result of the threats made on 6ix9ine.

The document reads: “Interstate Compact received information from the Black Hawk County Attorney that client King had made a video saying that he was going to murder Rapper 6ix9ine and had guns posted on his Instagram.” A police and rat emoji overlaid the photo of the document.


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