“The Monster House” is a frightening delight in one New Orleans neighborhood

NEW ORLEANS– There are a lot of spooky houses around New Orleans that get all decked out for Halloween!  Have you seen “The Monster House” in the Broadmoor neighborhood?

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez takes us to this frightening delight!

The artist who created “The Monster House” is Crystal Obeidzinski.

“Every year for Christmas as a kid me and my dad and siblings would always decorate our home.  My dad would cut the wood out and I’d do the painting.  My favorite holiday is Halloween, so I thought why do we only decorate for Christmas, and not Halloween, so when me and my husband got this house last year, I thought the symmetry just screamed big scary face, and I thought I must make this happen,” she said.

With piercing green eyes and blood dripping from this monster’s teeth, the result is scary and fun!

“I have green eyes so I thought the contrast with the bloody red coming down would really pop and reel you in,” she said.

She said it took her a few days to create with plywood and paint and now her house on S. Rocheblave Street is scaring the neighborhood in a good way!

“We get so many people.  There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood.  When they walk through with their strollers and their dogs they always stop to take pictures,”  Obeidzinski said.

On Halloween night she’s got something special planned for trick-or-treaters who stop by too.

“Because we are the Monster House we can’t just give out candy, so there’s toys, glow in the dark eyeballs and other fun stuff,” she said.

If you’d like to check out “The Monster House” for yourself, it is located at 4527 S. Rocheblave St.  She also decorates her home for Thanksgiving and Christmas too.

For more information about Crystal Obeidzinski’s art, click HERE.


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