The Future X Is Just as Obsessed With Doja Cat and Rihanna As You Are

The Future X Is Just as Obsessed With Doja Cat and Rihanna As You Are

E!: You are all living together in Malibu. What is that like? 

LB: It was definitely a big change, just being in a humongous house where I have to walk 10 minutes to get to the other side of it! That is very surreal to me. I would find myself just laughing or crying, thinking, ‘Where am I? What is this? It doesn’t feel real.’ But I love it here. I’ve always wanted to move to LA, that’s always been a big dream of mine. 

E!: You’re all fans of Doja Cat. Tray, what do you find most inspiring about her?  

Tray Taylor: I literally had a plan to visit every audition this year. I was gonna fly to every city for open call because I wanted to dance for her so bad. I don’t regret joining this group because this is my path, but I love Doja. She’s been like a big inspiration to me for a long time, since like mid/early high school.  

MW: She definitely feels that connection because she’s posted him on her Instagram!  

E!: No way! 

TT: Yes. So, she knows I exist. We’re getting married.  

JH: I think it’s her performance presence that for sure captivates all of us. Not only is she an amazing artist—even her dancing is amazing—but her presence on stage just is so captivating.

E!: Drew, you grew up playing sports before switching to dance. Tell us about that transition. 

Drew Venegas: I always enjoyed sports, but I’ve never really had an outlet where I was able to express myself fully until I got introduced to dance in high school. I transferred my sophomore year to a different school and they had a dance team. All it took was for me to watch them at a rally; the crowd was going crazy for them and I was like, ‘Whoa, I want to do that. I want to be right there.’ Once I found that, it definitely changed my life. I’ve never been more passionate and able to express myself more than I have now.  

E!: We have some big Rihanna fans in this group too. Sasha, how are you feeling about the baby news?  

LB: Oh my god. We are happy for her! Most definitely happy!   

AG: That is going to be the most beautiful baby in existence.  

SM: I know. A$AP Rocky and Rihanna? But Drake must be upset.     

E!: What have you learned from being a part of The Future X thus far?  

JH: I am the youngest. I’m still in high school, so it’s been a change just moving away from home. But having [the other members] here has been insanely comforting because I’m able to just look at them as my older brothers and sisters. This is a new home, it’s a family, and I’m so happy to have them because each and every one of them—all of our one-on-one talks—they have all helped inspire me to be a better person. 

E!: Drew, what about as the oldest member of the group?   

DV: I’m a big brother and I treat them like they’re my siblings. It’s always something, whether it’s learning how to cook from Angie, learning how to play video games from Luke, learning how to just be a better person because Maci is so calm and collected. Tray being so funny just being himself. And then Jayna, she’s so smart and so young. I think everyone just has so much to share with me and I’ve learned so much. 

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.


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