The Best Wine for Thanksgiving

The Best Wine for Thanksgiving

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Looking forward to a big Thanksgiving meal?

A big Thanksgiving meal needs a heftier wine. And this year, especially, I think we all deserve something with bold flavor and complex personality.

Recently, we got a small shipment of rare Malbec made at vineyards around 9,000 feet high in Argentina’s northwestern frontier.

With a dark purplish color… notes of blackberry, cherry, leather, and smoke… and a rugged mouthfeel…

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…extreme altitude Malbec is a wine you won’t soon forget.

The families that make this wine live out at the most remote vineyards in the world, at dizzying heights where you have to chew coca leaves to stave off altitude sickness.

Winemakers on horseback

They’ve been at these vineyards for 200 years, ever since their ancestors brought French vines across the Andes (the type of Malbec grown at these vineyards is a kind that no longer exists in France).

Today you can get a bottle with grapes from 8,950 ft (the third highest vineyard in the world).

It’s unfiltered so you truly taste the land.

It’s fermented naturally with wild yeast (not commercial lab grown yeast).

When we had it lab tested against a common Californian wine, this extreme altitude Malbec had 90% less sugar and 10 times the levels of longevity nutrient resveratrol! Not to mention a deep, complex taste.

Order by November 16th and you’ll get 53% off this perfect Thanksgiving wine.

You’ll also get 50% off shipping!

But these wines are made in very small quantities. So we will run out quickly.

Click here to view our inventory today and get 53% off extreme altitude Malbec…

Will Bonner

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