Texas Governor Abbott Uses National Guard To Arrest Illegal Immigrants On Southern Border

Texas Governor Abbott Uses National Guard To Arrest Illegal Immigrants On Southern Border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken some unprecedented steps to stem the illegal immigration crisis sweeping the Texas border — the Texas National Guard is now arresting illegal immigrants crossing the border.

It’s a new approach, both for the troops used – the National Guard – and for the legal charge being applied: trespassing.

The National Guard troops aren’t alone either. Nearly 1,000 Texas Department of Public Safety Officers (DPS) agents are working with them during the ongoing crisis.

A bigger role for the National Guard is something the Texas governor had recently alluded to as the wave of illegal migrants shows no signs of cessation.

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An unprecedented move

Texas DPS Director Steven McGraw explained how the National Guard deployment will work.

In the coming weeks, about 3,000 Guard members will be deployed for the first arrests.

The detainees are then handed over to DPS officers, who will then charge the detainees and conduct any investigative activities. McGraw said of the new aspects of Operation Lone Star:

“No one has ever actually used the guard in this capacity. We are going to use them to actually secure the border. The Texas governor, legislature, and citizens have made it very clear; they want the border to be secure. It’s also good for our federal partner. The federal government should thank the state of Texas, and it will make the rest of the country safer if we raise the level of security.”

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What is Operation Lone Star?

Administration Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in March in response to the Biden administration’s refusal to enforce the border. In addition to the National Guard, state troopers and Texas Rangers are also working to assist border patrols with arrests.

The program has also been expanded to include the construction of border barriers and fences.

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Texas braces for the worst

In the wake of about 15,000 Haitian immigrants who recently entered Texas and set up camp under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texans braced for another “migrant caravan” of about 60,000 headed for Texas.

In addition to increased numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country, Abbott said in a recent Fox News Channel appearance that cartels on the Mexican side are becoming more aggressive, even firing at National Guard troops already stationed at the Roma, Texas border.

He added: “This is escalating into a fire war on each side of the border where Texas and our National Guard must defend themselves and defend the state of Texas.”

According to the DPS, they have identified 23 “high priority” problem areas that are currently being targeted.

DPS Director McGraw says, “The governor’s goal is to prevent people and illegal drugs from illegally entering Texas between ports of entry, rather than responding to them afterwards.”

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