Taurus Weekly Horoscope


Finish up the last of your major organizational and decluttering projects early in the week, Taurus! Hopefully you made major headway over the past month, when the Sun was in beautifying Libra and your systematic sixth house. That was your annual opportunity to get your Bullpen in proper order with some deep cleaning and redecorating (in the name of functionality). Shred the last of those papers, drag the contractor’s bags to recycling and donate your “gently used” clothing by Tuesday, because Wednesday, October 23 is the kickoff to Scorpio season! Not only is that the sign of sultry interactions and deep bonding, but for the next four weeks, the radiant Sun will blaze through your seventh house of committed partnerships, adding sizzle to any relationship that was stuck in limbo. Professional alliances will percolate with synergistic energy; creative collaborations can reach a peak; and in the romance department, you can live out some long-held fantasies. Whatever you’re involved in, a key to your success will be finding as much time to work or play together as possible. Single? Under this empowering solar surge, it only requires a strong intention and sustained effort to call in an appropriate partner (or someone who’ll distract you in the best possible way till Mr. or Ms. Right comes along). Think in terms of “opposites attract,” and don’t get hung up on finding a twin. When you do meet such a candidate, don’t hurry those sweet courtship rituals. Enjoy the sensual tension that builds when you’re not trying to micromanage things! Couples will benefit from carving out dedicated alone time, sans distractions. Hire a babysitter, leave your work at the office, take a pass on crowded parties. You can create some sweet lifetime memories over the next four weeks!

But before you can put away your rubber gloves, dust buster and mop, you might have one last “cleanup on aisle seven” to contend with—whether a physical mess or an interpersonal one. On Sunday, rash and relentless Mars in your organized realm is catching serious shade from speed-checking Saturn. While part of you is really ready to have all that reorganizing and tidying up behind you, another part can’t stop fussing. Redirect your attention to something much larger and, frankly, more stimulating. Don’t you have a business idea you’re dying to run by an MBA friend—or an epic trip to map out? Throw yourself into THAT, and excising cobwebs will be the last thing on your mind!

Later on Sunday, the year’s only new moon in Scorpio fires up your seventh house of dynamic duos, and you’re back to THAT kind of thinking. This opens up a new six-month chapter for you to write your own script in the Taurus book of love. Baeless? Journal about the qualities an ideal partner would have, and start showing up at new venues where people like that congregate. If you’re in an LTR, make a point over the next two weeks to plan a fun and sexy surprise for your S.O. Set your expectations aside and just enjoy whatever spontaneously happens!

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