Stray Kids On Billboard Number One Placements And Their New Album Oddinary

Stray Kids On Billboard Number One Placements And Their New Album Oddinary

You’ve just announced your second world tour. What are you most looking forward to?

Everyone yells excitedly.

Bang Chan: Everything!

Felix: Honestly, it’s been two years since we’ve been on tour, and one thing we can say for sure is that compared to the tour from two years ago, it’s much different now. We’ve improved so much and upgraded our levels and skills. It’s honestly become a new side of Stray Kids that no one has seen before in person, so through this tour I believe it’ll give a new taste of what Stray Kids is like.

Everyone agrees.

Do you have a message to STAY and our readers?

Felix: Honestly, there’s so much going on in our minds right now. At the start of this year, we were preparing and working to our best abilities. From releasing the ODDINARY mini-album, doing fan meetings, and being able to reach number one on the Billboard charts, we are so excited and still in shock that our fans helped us and pushed us to our limits. We want to say that wherever we go, STAY are always beside us. And through that, we are so motivated and always striving to reach higher with STAY. In the end, it’s always thanks to STAY that we are still here. That’s the message we really want to give to them.

Bang Chan: Another quick message — well, it would be better to do this in person since we miss STAY. But we’ll fly there and see each other in person. We’ll see you soon!

Felix: See you soon!

Everyone woos excitedly.

What does K-pop mean to you?

Everyone exclaims in shock.

Bang Chan: Wow, really?!

Felix: That’s a great question!

Bang Chan: To me, K-pop means Stray Kids.

Everyone cheers.

HAN: K-pop to me means a dream. You can give inspiration and hope to someone, and you can do a lot with that dream.

Hyunjin: K-pop is youth!

Felix: It’s funny because Seungmin said life before and I do agree because we are living in the moment and this is our life. So I think K-pop means life.

Changbin: To me, I think K-pop is a playground.

I.N: K-pop is love!

Seungmin: If someone said “hey Seungmin, what is K-pop,” I would say it’s Stray Kids’ ODDINARY album.

Everyone yells excitedly.

Bang Chan: Seungmin in the building!

Lee Know: K-pop is Stray Kids and we will try hard to make Stray Kids K-pop.

Everyone oohs in awe.

Bang Chan: We’ll try our best to make that goal happen!


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