SpeedStr Hits The Gas In New Single, “Live In The Moment” with King Salomon

SpeedStr Hits The Gas In New Single, “Live In The Moment” with King Salomon

With a name like SpeedStr, you have to expect some hard and fast tunes. His newest drop, “Live In The Moment” featuring King Salomon, is no disappointment.

The intro features some smooth vocals from King atop a suspenseful trap build as it leads into a heavy bass drop. Blending squeaks from jersey club, a quasi-trap tempo, and heavy dubstep bass synths, it’s a beautiful and powerful amalgam that hits all the right marks. But it’s not until the final drop that SpeedStr really lives up to his name.

Following a mid-song bridge, during which you can absolutely sense the impending speed building, the tempo jumps up into a house beat. From there it only grows and grows and grows… until finally, the hard house hits and all chaos is unleashed.

Without a doubt, that final drop will absolutely decimate anyone in a crowd and I can’t wait until everything is back to experience it for myself. Check out “Live In The Moment” below!

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