‘SNL’ ‘Open Mic’ Sketch With Kristen Stewart: Watch

It’s always fun when Saturday Night Live takes our favorite musicians and creates parodies of them on live TV. But this weekend, the show took a different approach in a sketch that didn’t make it to air.

In a new cut-for-time sketch posted online titled “Open Mic,” SNL paid homage to a few of our favorite stars without calling them out by name.

In the sketch, two hosts (played by Bowen Yang and Heidi Gardner) begin the open mic night at “Moon Jumped the Cow,” an L.A. performance space and “laptop garden.” After a brief performance about turning 30, the two begin introducing more familiar-looking talent.

First up are Chastity and Prudence (Kate McKinnon and host Kristen Stewart), who are clearly representing Tegan and Sara with looks pulled directly from the duo’s “I’ll Be Back Someday” video. The two take a sharp turn away from the duo, though, when they tell the audience about growing up in “Persecution, Pennsylvania” where they remember their “dad” telling them it was the 17th century. “But I guess here you call that a cult,” McKinnon’s character says. They then launch into a song about growing up, with a distinct pop-rock sound, about their childhood, singing, “The fence is the boundary, don’t touch the fence/ Or you’ll turn gay.”

Next up is a character named Rachel Thompson (Melissa Villaseñor), who informs the hosts that she goes by “Reina de la Casa” now, since it’s more castable. Decked out in a flowing, sleeved yellow dress, the Lana Del Rey-inspired character goes on to perform a sad song about the death of her grandmother’s friend, which she calls “My 9/11”.

A slew of other performers come to the mic, including Johnny Butters (Kyle Mooney), who seems to be a Mark Ronson-type character, and Missle (Beck Bennet), who appears to be an amalgomation of DJs like Zedd, Griz and many more. Just before the sketch ends, Chasity and Prudence make one more dash to the stage to perform a song about being in L.A., which ultimately ends with them wishing to “take me back to the fence.”

Check out the full sketch below:

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