SNL jokes that Trump brought jobs back to ISIS

Pete Davidson played a terrorist who thanked President Trump for “bringing jobs back to ISIS” on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live.

Alec Baldwin’s Trump was greeted by a rotating cast of loyal supporters at a rally in New Mexico — calling it “by far my favorite Mexico” — even bonding with Bill Clinton over their impeachment scandals.

The most shocking moment came when Davidson strolled up dressed all in black as a smiling ISIS fighter in a dig over Trump pulling out US troops from the war-torn region.

“I was a prisoner in Syria until last week when you freed me, so I just wanted to say, thank you for bringing jobs back to ISIS,” Davidson’s terrorist said with a giant smile.

“And I promise that I will make ISIS great again!”

Trump smiled as he praised the “terrific” endorsement. “What a great guy. ISIS is back in a big, big way, folks. And we love that, don’t we?” he said.

Just as surprising was the appearance of Trump’s nemesis Clinton, played by Darrell Hammond, who seemed surprised when Trump told him he was also getting impeached.

“You dirty dog…” Clinton teased, referring to the sex scandal that sparked his own inquiry.

“It’s not for that,” Trump stressed, making a nod to his “grab them by the p—y” comment as he said, “They don’t mind when I do that. Trust me.”

The skits supporters also included regular Trump supporters, including Aidy Bryant who offered Trump a gun when he repeated his claim that he would shoot someone on Fifth Avenue.

The skit also poked fun at Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, with Trump saying he “got his ass owned by AOC, which means he’s one of us now.”

“I want to thank Facebook for running our Russian campaign for us,” Baldwin’s Trump told Zuck, played by Alex Moffat as a robotic character who had to instruct himself how to act.

SNL legend Fred Armisen also made a return appearance, playing Turkish President Erdogan to end the skit.

“We’re still working to get that dirt on Biden,” Erdogan told Trump.

“But I wanted to throw it out there that we could just make him disappear. It’s no big deal — we do it all the time,” Erdogan told him.

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