‘She’s Going To Feel Like Everyone Else’: Teen Mom 2’s Ali Experiences A Very Special First

Ali experienced a special first during tonight’s Teen Mom 2 episode: The soon-to-be fourth grader was on her way to a summer sleep-away camp for kids with muscular dystrophy. And even though Ali told her mom that she was excited about the opportunity, the prospect of being gone for a week made her “nervous.”

“Listen — any time that you want to call home, I’m sure that they’ll let you call home,” Leah assured her little girl. “You’re going to have so much fun.”

She then went on to tell Ali that her diagnosis (which has been chronicled through the years) is a “disability” but that it should not impede on the little girl’s desire to do things that she wants to do.

“I don’t ever ever ever want to fail you,” Leah added.

While the drop-off at camp wasn’t documented by MTV cameras (Leah did share the images above on her Instagram account), the mother of three called her sister Victoria after the experience to reflect.

“Gracie helped her make her bed and [said], ‘It looks like you’re going to have a lot of fun.’ And I can’t hold back the tears, because what if she gets scared? What if she feels uncomfortable?” Leah asked. But then the young mother began focusing on the positive. “For once, she’s going to feel like everyone else. She won’t be left out of any activities; she’ll be included in all activities. I think, if anything, it’s going to boost her confidence.”

How will Ali adjust to this new environment? And will she enjoy the memorable adventure? To see how she fares at camp, be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 on Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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