Selena Gomez Refollows Bella Hadid on Instagram After The Weeknd Drama

Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez

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In 2017, Selena Gomez was dating The Weeknd. When they both unfollowed his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid on Instagram (and Bella immediately unfollowed Selena when that relationship went public), it created a lot of headlines and drama. But that was two years ago. Today, Selena would like you to know she’s totally cool with Bella. The singer just refollowed Bella on her Instagram in a public show of peace. She followed Gigi Hadid’s Instagram too yesterday.


Selena following Bella on Instagram.



Bella not following Selena yet.


Bella hasn’t followed Selena back yet, but she made headlines for liking a Selena Gomez photo in May, signaling she’s also at peace with Selena. Two years does change a lot.

Bella and The Weeknd are friendly and spent time together during her birthday last month. And although Bella and The Weeknd got back together last year, their relationship status now is more up in the air. They were reported to have taken a break in August.

Some outlets reported they were dating again in October after they were spotted out together; The Weeknd’s rep disputed that. The rep said, in regards to Bella’s party, “they just attended as friends.” They’re not back on yet, but it’s a possibility in the future, sources have told multiple outlets.

Selena and The Weeknd started dating in January 2017. They broke up in October 2017, right as Selena’s final romance with Justin Bieber started up. The Weeknd was seen leaving Bella’s apartment shortly after the split, and Selena unfollowed The Weeknd on Instagram shortly after. She doesn’t follow him now, and it’s impossible for her to: He doesn’t currently have an account.

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