Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


And just like that, it’s Scorpio season again! Get ready for a month of celebrations as the Sun soars into your incisive and insightful sign on Wednesday, October 23. If you’ve been in a bit of a funk—or just puttering around in super-low-energy mode—the wind will return to your sails and restore your joie de vivre! Self-confidence makes an impressive comeback, and you’ll be raring to embark on exciting new ventures. For the past four weeks, while el Sol was quietly cavorting through Libra and your internally focused twelfth house, you may have conducted a deep life review and identified places where you felt stuck—and people and situations that had reached their shelf life. Now it’s time to shed that excess baggage that’s been holding you back and lift off into a brighter future. On Monday and Tuesday, tie up loose ends, fulfill the last of your commitments—and then blast ahead! You may have had some epiphanies about what your next big move might entail and what steps you need to take to get there. Give yourself time, Scorpio! Your intense sign could easily get obsessed by this but remind yourself that the journey is as important as reaching the destination. Have fun getting there—and really absorb any lessons to be learned along the way. Since Scorpio is your first house of style and appearances, this could be the moment you’ve been waiting for to try that thing with your hair or go for a whole new fall look. (But implement quickly because Mercury is turning retrograde in your sign from October 31 to November 20.) If you need a little support, ask for it, but don’t turn the big decisions over to the “committee.” When you step into your power, you’re sexy as hell.

This weekend, you might be whistling a slightly different tune, especially on Sunday, when your co-ruler, galvanizing Mars (which is still in that reflective twelfth house), gets restrained by taskmaster Saturn in your third house of mental processes and communication. You might simply be sharing some genuine feelings when someone gets in your face for being too opinionated. (Hello, projection!) Since you may be a bit sensitive, do your level best NOT to take it personally. You could also have a reality-checking moment when a sweet fantasy proves to be a pipe dream. Let it go—even as you let it continue to inspire you. This is still a valuable experience, because until you can imagine something, you won’t be able to manifest it.

Later Sunday, you’ll be back in a confident and self-determining state of mind as the year’s only new moon in Scorpio acts as your personal genie. Make a wish…or three! This is like your own personal astrological New Year, an auspicious time to set lofty intentions and map out goals you intend to accomplish by the corresponding Scorpio full moon on May 7, 2020. Whether your metier is journaling, sketching or making a vision (or Pinterest) board, the more senses you can recruit, and the more likely you’ll be to achieve these ambitions. No need to overthink this: Your wise, unconscious mind will lead you to the perfect expression of your deepest desires, including a few you didn’t even know you had!

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