Rudy Giuliani’s Big Strategy Is To Beg A Court To Declare Trump The PA Winner

Rudy Giuliani’s Big Strategy Is To Beg A Court To Declare Trump The PA Winner

Rudy Giuliani is trying to argue in a new Pennsylvania court filing that the court should just declare Trump the winner.

Brad Heath tweeted from the Trump campaign’s latest filing.

Rudy Giuliani is amending the Pennsylvania case to restore Trump claims that were accidentally deleted:

Giuliani wants a federal court to declare Trump the winner:

Rudy also wants to block certification of the election, have the results declared defective, and have the state legislature choose the electors:

If this all looks like a desperate farce, it’s because that is what it is.

Rudy Guiliani is asking a court to overturn an election result with zero evidence of fraud. Notice that the Trump legal team did not back up any of the claims that they made. They still have no evidence, but they think that Trump should be declared the winner, and we all should move on.

The filing from Trump is a type of undemocratic insanity that is dangerous to the country.

The courts aren’t going to declare Trump the winner.

Giuliani has so little in terms of actual legal arguments that his big plan is to get Trump named the winner because he says so.

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