Romeow & Juliet

Prince Michael purrsues the new neighbor. 
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Directed by Aaron Benitez

Talent: Elaine Hayhurst, Aaron Benitez, Mark Lee, Chase Drews, Casey Gagliardi, Greg Maness, Madison Picazo, Victor Urban Picazo, Zachary Mical, Katie Schwinck, Megan Scott, Robert Harden Jr., Lorenzo, Rhys, MonicaAdditional Voices: Danny Hauger, Arielle Brachfeld, Fabienne Tournet, Kaleigh Macchio,

Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew, Kevin P, Mark S
Vocals: Christopher Weeks

Sound: Kenji, Thomas Boykin

VFX:   Narendra Moond, Ben Klewais, Natalia RazProduction Design: Ellie and Seth
Production:  Lorenzo, Rhys, Biani, Boaz, Michelle

Big Thanks to Boulevard Estate Properties Inc. for letting us film at one of their beautiful homes.

Thanks for watching!



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