Rich Delinquent drops impressive 10-track album, ‘Sadboi’ [24-8 Records]

Rich Delinquent drops impressive 10-track album, ‘Sadboi’ [24-8 Records]

Ever since we first heard Rich Delinquent, we’ve been hooked, always excited to hear what he’s going to do next. He has developed an addictive brand around his project, delivering not only incredible music, but also visually gripping videos to accompany his releases.

cue’sadboi’Rich Delinquent’s brand new album.

Rich Delinquent is not afraid to discuss the harsher realities of depression and anxiety and channels his feelings about life and love into ‘sadboi’. Rich Delinquent fearlessly explores the complexities of relationships, addiction and the pursuit of passion through his songwriting, using his lyricism and emotional vocals to fully express himself in his first complete body of work.

He continues to impress us by seamlessly incorporating a full spectrum of genres, emo, R&B and hip-hop elements into his talented electronic production. Notable songs include “gaslighting“, an extremely captivating song that packs a punch both lyrically and with production. Others include “she is happy“, “Bad time“, and “Cocaine Late Nights, which has been a hit with listeners, totaling over 350k combined streams to date and shows how creative Rich Delinquent is both behind the mic and in the production chair. His ear for sound design is truly impeccable.

Rich Delinquent explains: “sadboic is an album that reflects on my imperfections, negative emotions and vices. Each song is based on very specific moments in my life where I explore in hopes of connecting with people who are fighting the same kind of demons.”

Listen to ‘sadboi’ below!


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