Regular New Yorkers eager to leave? Thank progressive policies

Regular New Yorkers eager to leave? Thank progressive policies

Congratulations, Empire State progressives! 

Your years-long campaign to drive out average New Yorkers via sky-high taxes, job-killing regulations, soaring energy costs, pro-crime policies and hollowed-out public education is working. 

Per a new Siena poll, 27% of New Yorkers plan to leave the state in the next five years.

That’s in keeping with our population exodus from 2022 and 2021, where New York was a national leader in outflows. 

Dive deeper into the numbers, and the picture grows even grimmer. 

Almost a third of New Yorkers have a negative view of overall quality of life in the state — “only fair” (26%) or “poor” (6%). 

Crucially, asked about “affordability,” two-thirds give a negative response: 31% “only fair” and a full 36% “poor.”

No wonder, with housing growing ever more unaffordable and the jobs market languishing: Everything costs more in these parts.

Also damning: 39% of New Yorkers are negative on the state being a good place to raise children. 

The poll found that almost a third of New Yorkers have a negative view about the state.
Taidgh Barron/NY Post

Given the largely atrocious condition of public schools here — some 57% of New York City high school students as of 2019 weren’t ready for college, for example, and 43% of respondents are Gothamites — we’re shocked it’s not higher. 

The data show 49% negative on feeling safe from crime (a figure that jumps to 59% among black respondents). 

This, as the hard-left caucus in Albany blocks even modest fixes to our insane criminal justice “reforms,” crime rises rampant statewide, and kids kill kids

Some 57% are negative on whether the political system works for average Joes, which jumps to 69% among people making less than $50,000 a year.  

So much for progressive policies helping out the disadvantaged.

The shame of it is that clearly New York is a great place to live when these issues don’t overshadow the good.

Nearly 80% said there were excellent or good leisure activities, a similar amount said the state is filled with people they enjoy, and just over 70% believe they have access to quality education and healthcare.

It is worth noting that those who took part are not recent transplants. 

A whopping 78% of respondents have lived here for 20-plus years — which means that the low quality of life and dim future expectations are pushing out people with deep, real roots in the state. 

The picture is beyond sad. 

But for any rational observer, it’s not in the least surprising. 

When Albany’s lefty ideologues jack up the cost of basic necessities and rip apart the social fabric via terrible policies undertaken in the name of “equity,” all New Yorkers lose. 

Expect the bleeding to continue until the fanatics are no longer in charge. 


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