Q cult members are even sadder than you could ever imagine. Meet NESARA

Q cult members are even sadder than you could ever imagine.  Meet NESARA

NESARA started innocently enough as a bill introduced by a random man in Louisiana named Harvey Francis Barnard; among other things, it would replace the national income tax with a national sales tax. He printed 1,000 copies of the book himself in 1996 and called it “Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform.”

You see where this is going, right?

Anyway, he sent those copies to elected officials in DC, convinced that it was so obviously brilliant it was going to be easy. Those officials threw away the books, almost certainly unread. But an online conspiracy theorist named Shaini Candace Goodwin, known online as the “Dove of Unity,” stuck to the proposal after putting the text online, assuming it was an actual piece of legislation signed by President Bill Clinton. In addition to what Bernard had suggested, Goodwin piled up her own wish list for this sham bill: distributing trillions of dollars in “prosperity funds” to Americans, canceling all debt, abolishing the IRS, and declaring peace.

Goodwin claimed that the law was to go into effect on September 11, 2001, and that the terrorist attacks that day had been orchestrated by President George W. Bush to prevent its execution. Apparently, the computers with the data needed to distribute the trillions all lived on the second floor of one of the World Trade Center towers. Why? Just because, that’s why.

Why was no one talking about NESARA at the time? Because the Supreme Court had issued a gag order, under threat of death, to stifle any discussion.

So here we are on conservative Telegram, and an account claiming to be John F Kennedy Jr posts that “Promises made, promises kept NESARA IS HERE.” Remember that JFK Jr is an important part of the QAnon world conspiracy. A significant portion of them expected him to reappear in Dallas, where he would emerge triumphant after decades of fighting child trafficking in the shadows.

There’s so much sad in that screenshot above.

1. Kennedy can’t show up in Dallas, but he sure is that random unverified account on Telegram.

2. That post has gone viral. Because the Q notes really believe it’s real.

3. The original conspiracy theory claimed that trillions would be distributed. But if everyone got $150 million, that would be. … 4.95 and 16 zeros. What is that …? A quadrillion has 15 zeros… Yeah, I don’t know. But if they hate inflation nowyou wait!

5. Who holds $150 million in a Rewards checking account?

But if that wasn’t sad enough, the reactions… oh my.


They really believe they will get free money from JFK Jr which is not socialism at all unlike federal benefits that are currently being handed out.

That poor woman with the dying child? OMG, hold onto false hopes. But money is not what she needs. What is this “medical beds”? Well, it’s another Q conspiracy claiming that the government has magic beds that cure all diseases. I’m going to take a little detour here and check out a Q forum on Med Beds.


“Finally Revealed.” OMFG. If a company invented this device, it would be a multi-trillion dollar company ‘at night! Why would anyone want to operate such a wonderful device in the dark, in secret? They are so damn gone; they can’t even employ the most basic shreds of common sense.



Every time I fall down a QAnon rabbit hole, I’m literally out of breath.

They live in a completely different universe, without any influence on reality. And being wrong, over and over and over and over again, doesn’t affect their desperate need to… keep believing.

While it has certainly been clever of the various lunatics to tie their own pet conspiracies into the Q-web, flat Earthlings now have new life and potential recruits by tapping into other gullible brain-dead quultists. And maybe some of them aren’t so stupid. Maybe they’re just desperate, like the mother with the dying child at home, scouring the internet for… each glimmer of hope. Science can’t save her baby, so her frantic search has led her to these charlatans who offer false hope.

“Early Christmas” was probably yet another failed promise of Trump’s triumphant return and the Democrats’ roundup that ousted child trafficking. But really, she needs those medical beds. And the promise of their coming will be just as empty.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the bastard underneath thinks he can cure leukemia with vitamin C and boron.


One guy is like “PROVE IT” and all the others are like “No it is all the way real!”

Sure, the government can provide food, but that’s socialism.

“EBS” is “emergency broadcast system,” which will supposedly be activated to declare martial law when Trump triumphantly returns to his rightful throne.


The current administrator sent a monthly check to all families with children at home. Republicans (and Joe Manchin) killed it. So if Mitzi191 couldn’t make it with the extra $250-300 a month per kid, the shit is about to get a lot harder.

But pray that $150 million is magically deposited into your account. It will totally work. Just like praying for ‘EBS’, Trump’s reinstatement, JFJ Jr’s return, Hillary Clinton’s arrest, and the mass arrest of the global child trafficking elite.

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