Pro-Biden Pastor ‘Heartbroken’ After Video Shows Texas Churchgoers Chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

Pro-Biden Pastor ‘Heartbroken’ After Video Shows Texas Churchgoers Chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

A pastor who supports President Biden said a video of people in a Texas church chanting “Let’s go Brandon” left him heartbroken.

‘Let’s go Brandon’, for those who have been living under a rock for the past few months, is a… euphemism for the more vulgar expression – ‘F*** Joe Biden.’

The inside joke is the result of NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, who was interrupted by a very clear and vociferous chant of “F*** Joe Biden”.

Stavast tried to tell viewers that the crowd was chanting a much tastier but very inaccurate, “Let’s go Brandon.”

Earlier this month, a video surfaced of people at the nondenominational Cornerstone Church in San Antonio chanting the unflattering phrase.

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Pastor distraught over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant

Church officials told News4SA in San Antonio that the event shown in the video was not an official church gathering, but rather an event held by an outside group.

Pastor Jeremy Coleman says he has been tagged on social media in regards to the video so many times that he simply had to comment on the controversy.

Coleman described the chant as “a radical conservative rallying cry” and said it was heartbreaking and heartbreaking to see people using a church to chant anti-Biden slogans.

Since “radical” and “conservative” are antonyms, the pastor seems confused about his views.

Coleman used his TikTok account to blast “white nationalists” to church.

“Churches are meant to be places of unconditional love for your neighbor,” Coleman lamented. “I don’t think that kind of behavior, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, has a place within the church.”

“Look, if you’re going to be a white nationalist cult rally, just say so,” he added. “If you want to be a bigoted political rally, just say so. Don’t call yourself a church.”

There is, of course, nothing “white nationalist” or “vulnerable” about disagreeing with, or even insulting, an unpopular – and very white – president.

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Let’s go Jeremy!

In an interview with The Nonpartisan Evangelical, Pastor Jeremy Coleman calls himself “a bearded, conservative, evangelical preacher from Oklahoma” who voted for President Joe Biden.

Coleman says he voted for Biden because he is “free daggum moderate”, an demonstrable lie you wouldn’t expect from a religious figure.

He refers to Trump supporters as “irrational people who bought his lies”.

Hmm… That doesn’t sound like unconditional love, does it, Pastor Jeremy?

The phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ pops up everywhere, a cultural phenomenon that is sweeping the entire country.

It appeared on Sports events. It appeared at awards ceremonies. It has surfaced in Congress. And it can now be seen on products sold by gun dealers.

Representative Lauren Boebert taunted far-left “Squad” member AOC wearing a dress with the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” when she met former President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort earlier this month.

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