President Trump Has Many Avenues to Victory

President Trump Has Many Avenues to Victory

In response to the question of ‘How’s it going’?  Rudy answered ‘Very well!’

Rudy Giuliani was on with Greg Kelly at Newsmax last night and he provided an excellent summary of the status of the President’s defense to the largest election fraud in US and world history.  Rudy shared at around the 5:00 mark:

If we were to win Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, that would be the end of the election.  Michigan has already indicated they’re not going to certify.  Wisconsin has a very strict procedure of their own.  But we’re quite confident we can knock out about 60,000 ballots there as illegal.  And Wisconsin is only a 10,000 margin.  And Pennsylvania, we argued it yesterday.

And remember we’re going to probably lose a few of these and we’ll have to take them to the Supreme Court.”

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President Trump is scheduling a press conference today at noon with his legal team:

President Trump and his legal team have more than one path to victory.

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