Ones to Watch: Antoine Manning – WWD

Ones to Watch: Antoine Manning – WWD

Antoine Manning, the Atlanta-based accessory designer, is creating pieces that contribute to conversations happening in the world and also look good.

After a fashion internship where Manning gleaned insight into how the industry works, he felt ready to move forward with his own brand. Amidst the pandemic, Manning felt inspired to create something new and sketched out his first bag.

Made from vegan leather, each bag and colorway has a meaning behind it: the green mini bag, which retails for $150, represents tranquility; the orange mini bag, also priced at $150, is meant to evoke vitality, and the lavender classic bag, retailing for $275, is intended to represent abundance.

The bags will be available for purchase on Sept. 24 via the Black Fashion Fair, an online platform that highlights a variety of Black-owned brands. “Twenty percent of the sales go back to helping our communities, something that brings together Black brands and different brands and entities, a powerful statement of what we can do when we stick together,” the designer said.

Antoine Manning

Antoine Manning abundance classic bag, $275
Courtesy photo

Antoine Manning tranquil mini bag, $150

Antoine Manning tranquil minibag, $150
Courtesy photo

Antoine Manning vitality mini bag, $150

Antoine Manning vitality minibag, $150
Courtesy photo

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