Nicole Byer dishes on comedy, writing her book and pole-dancing

Comedian Nicole Byer has found a new love: pole-dancing.

She got hooked after taking a private class with friends, and now her Instagram page is home to not just jokes, but clips of her working her stuff in a pair of red platform heels.

“I’m not good by any means,” Byer, 33, tells The Post with a laugh. “But I’m having fun.”

Byer hopes to bring similar joy to the New York Comedy Festival, where she’s joining more than 200 other comedians for the event that runs Nov. 4-10 across all five boroughs. Byer hits the stage at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center for a headlining set Nov. 8 at 7 p.m.

Born in Red Bank, NJ, and raised in Middletown, NJ, Byer honed her improvisation skills with the famed Upright Citizens Brigade before eventually getting her break in the entertainment industry in 2013 as a talking head on the MTV series “Girl Code.”

Her profile has risen in the last two years thanks to her hosting gig of the surprise Netflix hit, “Nailed It!” On each episode, the competition series tasks three lackluster bakers with attempting to create absurdly intricate cakes, usually with hilarious results. Three seasons of the regular series have run so far, as well as a holiday-themed spin-off, which returns for a second go-round Nov. 22.

“These people make the most incredible monstrosities,” says Byer. “[But] I think they’re all really beautiful in their own way.”

The feel-good ribbing of “Nailed It!” is a long way off from one of the first jobs Byer ever booked: the role of a fairy in an Israeli Nestlé commercial, for which she flew to Romania to shoot.

“They put me in this big poofy dress, they hoisted me up in the air, and then would decide what they wanted me to do, which is insane,” she recalls. “When I got there, the stuntman was like, ‘We put the biggest man we could find in the harness to see if it holds. You are bigger, but we tried.’ I was like, ‘You know, okay. Thank you very much.’ ”

Next spring, Byer plans to release a book, “#VeryFat #VeryBrave.”

“It’s a self-help guide for fat women,” she says. “It’s a take on the internet comments that fat women get when they’re in a bathing suit, like, ‘You’re brave! How do I get to be brave like you?’

“So,” she adds, dryly, “I wrote a book on how you can be brave like me.”

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