New Artist Spotlight: Sines Documents ‘A Series of Moments’ With New Album

New Artist Spotlight: Sines Documents ‘A Series of Moments’ With New Album

Jason Wann is not exactly a new artist, especially in his hometown of Portland, where he makes interesting synth-based music under a number of names and is active as a DJ in the local scene. Wann’s work is clearly well versed in the ways of synths and is boisterous, emotional and laced with classic 80s dancefloor style. His latest project, Sines, was invented specifically to combine his synth-heavy house and techno style with female vocals. and blur the line between EDM and pop. With his new album A series of moments, released earlier this month, he has done just that.

Presumably named for the sine wave synth work prolific in all of its releases, Wann’s new Sines project kicked off with a self-titled debut LP in January last year and was quickly followed up with another album, dancing in place, in May of the same year. With lashings from Kaskade, ODESZA and fellow Portlanders Washed Out, sinuses and Dancing… had a tight, clean sound design and more than a little throwback cachet in both the synths and vox. Featuring footage of Madonna dancing in Desperately Seeking Susan and actually the entire soundtrack of The Breakfast Club, Wann as Sines declared his intention to bring the next wave of dance music.

The inspiration for this record came from my experiences with dancing in nightclubs in my early childhood and the magic I feel when I hear a kick-ass dance record. I wanted to make a record inspired by those sweaty hedonistic nights and something that was classical in a way… I wanted to write something insanely catchy like a pop song, but that also came from a dance music culture and that respected real dance music all the way back to the disco.

Mission accomplished, if Wann’s work on Sines so far is anything to go on. Of course, writing dance numbers as well as pop songs and the old-fashioned synth vibes of the 80s are not exactly new concepts, but both the level of dedication and attention to detail are unique to Sines. He dug even deeper A series of moments, drawing on real OG influences like Kraftwerk, Donna Summer and Blondie to really enter the emotion. with the diverse vocalists on this album, this resulted in an even stronger nod to the emotional, small key-driven and post-punk-tinged sounds of new wave, but with updated techniques and more focus on what EDM sounds like now. An excellent mix of new and vintage, pop and electronica without compromising on sound quality or feel.

Wanna start teasing A series of moments in June with the first song ‘Something in the Way’. Vox on this one is from Kitty Richardson, who more than understood the brief and adds even more 80s indie design. Richardson’s operatic, Kate Bush-esque vocals make the song so much richer and deeper. Apparently, in addition to his synth talents, Wann also knows how to pick out his female vocalists.

Conversely, a singer like Emily Coomber has a deeper and more definitive new wave sound than Richardson’s, a bit like Susan Ann Sulley from The Human League. Wann paired her with ‘Under the Waves’, which reminds other old school indie pop aficionados of The Cure’s ‘Plainsong’. By collaborating with several vocalists, Wann can be even more diverse in his composition. From Bellabeth’s bright timbre in the more modern “Run Underground” to Christina Siravo’s full-range funk pairings on “Mr. Ciao” and back to Richardson’s heart-wrenching performance in album closer “Iva,” the collaborations in A series of moments bringing out the best in both the vocalists and the producer.

Artists like Wann who want to keep the sounds of early dance music alive are important, especially as the EDM pop juggernaut is going through its more lackluster phases. With over 50 years of history, there are plenty of influences to pull off to create something new. Despite his obvious technical prowess, it’s clear that Wann as Sines is more about evoking those early dance floor feelings than anything else, and by teaming up with the diverse and talented vocalists, he’s showcased by A series of moments how strong that feeling can be.

A series of moments is out now and can be streamed on Spotify or Bandcamp, wherever it is available for purchase. Check out Wann’s YouTube channel for more music videos from this album and others. Wann’s also has an interesting “Theatrical Cut” from ASOM on Vimeo.


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