Natasha Zinko RTW Fall 2022 – WWD

Natasha Zinko RTW Fall 2022 – WWD

Natasha Zinko is here to have fun, and doesn’t believe in taking herself — or fashion — too seriously.

She has moved to designing fully genderless collections, dressing boys up in her signature printed dresses, or offering supersized leather outerwear or denim separates that just require the right attitude from the wearer.

“Girls, boys, aliens: we welcome anyone and everyone to try on our pieces and enjoy,” Zinko said in a preview, pointing to the tongue-in-cheek labels in her garments which read “for aliens and bunnies.”

Anything goes in her eccentric universe and there’s certainly no room for conventions or taboos — just humor and a lot of experimenting. It’s why her print of the season features mini cartoon bunnies in sexual poses, splashed across elegant chiffon midi dresses. “I didn’t want to offend anyone, so we made the bunnies really small and there’s another version with yoga poses. Yoga, sex, it’s all just healthy things in life,” she said.

Elsewhere, she continued experimenting with extra-large volume and proportion, drawing inspiration from the different angles and shapes created by boxes piled one on top of the other.

The result was a series of cool, unconventional silhouettes. There were square-cut panels layered on top of each other on the backs of jackets, or the shoulders of shirts, which made for a very modern take on the ’80s shoulder pad.

Among the standouts was a leather minidress featuring square cutouts and cone bras — the latter of which was an ode to Madonna and her legendary Jean Paul Gaultier bustiers.

Zinko presented her new collection with a look book and video shot in a giant blue container outside her studio.

“I don’t see the purpose of fashion week anymore, and I don’t see how that would change. When we’re ready with the collection, we just want to go for it nowadays,” said the designer, who has been persevering throughout the pandemic, adding a café to her store which even delivered traditional Ukrainian sweets and gluten-free treats during lockdown.

“We have our buyers, our audience, we’re running our own Instagram, and it’s working,” she added. “There should be more support [from the industry] if we were to go back to showing as a group in a fashion week.”


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