Mitch McConnell warns he could intervene in 2022 GOP primaries to boost established candidates

Mitch McConnell warns he could intervene in 2022 GOP primaries to boost established candidates

On Monday, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) warned that he and those associated with him are poised to intervene in Republican Senate primaries to defeat candidates he considers “unelectable.” .

McConnell told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he, or a group closely associated with him, the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), would be willing to compete in a primary race.

McConnell replied to Hewitt, “If necessary. There is no doubt that to win… you have to appeal to the general election crowd. I’ll keep an eye on that. Hopefully we won’t have to intervene, but if we do, we will.”

Conservatives will no doubt see the remarks of the incumbent Republicans as meaning that McConnell will oppose grassroots conservatives or Republicans aligned with Trump.

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Trump candidates vs. McConnell Candidates

Mitch McConnell and his allies, ready to jump into any GOP scoop they think may need guidance, provide an interesting dynamic course to 2022 for Republicans.

By all accounts, former President Donald Trump is the head of the party, and most candidates seeking office will be asked for his approval.

So far, the SLF has endorsed one candidate on the other side of Trump: Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

Murkowski, who voted to convict Trump in his second impeachment, has picked up a primary challenger — though Trump hasn’t agreed to that race yet.

Will McConnell try to lure candidates with money? Probably, but as Trump’s popularity shows no signs of waning, PACs associated with him are raising record cash amounts.

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Will McConnell/SLF Candidates Water Down the GOP?

In February, McConnell stated that he cared most about “eligibility.” Americans who want to elect Republicans are also concerned about eligibility, but at what cost?

Is it possible that, if McConnell and his friends intervene in enough GOP primaries, Trump supporters would smell a rat and be suspicious of McConnell to water down the party until it’s full of John McCains and Mitt Romneys?

Just more established RINOs giving in to every Liberal Democrat demand?

There is also the issue of McConnell’s intervention in races where the background context around candidates plays an important role in the race. In Missouri, for example, former Governor Eric Greitens has thrown in his hat to replace Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO). Greitens resigned from the governorship after a sex scandal in 2018.

While Greitens may have name recognition that could give him a head start in the polls because of the core support of those who don’t care for the reasons behind his eviction from the governor’s mansion, and those who only know his name, that doesn’t mean he is most popular with voters with knowledge of his background.

Would not just voters in Missouri, but voters in any state appreciate Team McConnell diving in to take over a primary election?

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The task the Republicans should focus on

The main task for Republicans is to take back both the House and Senate by 2022. Republicans must defend 20 seats, while Democrats must defend only 14.

Four of those seats were won by Democrats in 2020, and the GOP hopes to make them red. They are also looking at taking seats from Georgia, Arizona and New Hampshire.

Jack Pandol, SLF’s Director of Communications says: “As has long been SLF’s policy, we reserve the right to intervene in cases where a candidate poses a clear threat to lose a seat in a general election and to protect our Republican incumbent officials.”

Intervention by Mitch McConnell and friends could be seen as a violation of the will of the people, and nothing more than a power grab on his part.

Maybe McConnell and the SLF should find out if the candidate in question is who Mitch McConnell wants or the people want.

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