Mitch McConnell Says Manchin Is ‘Definitely Welcome’ To Join GOP

Mitch McConnell Says Manchin Is ‘Definitely Welcome’ To Join GOP

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell revealed he would “definitely welcome” Senator Joe Manchin to the GOP after the Democrat announced he was voting a firm “no” to President Biden’s “Build Back Better” social spending boom.

Manchin has been under attack from his fellow Democrats for months, with his recent announcement bringing the most serious vitriol.

McConnell made the comments during an appearance on the “The Guy Benson Show” podcast Monday.

The Kentucky Republican praised Manchin’s announcement that the bill was being scuttled by calling it “an exciting thing to hear.”

“It was a great shot in the arm for the country,” McConnell praised. “I think it’s exactly what the country needed right now.”

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Mitch McConnell opens his arms to Manchin in the GOP

Senator Joe Manchin made his decision known this weekend in an interview on Fox News.

“My Democratic colleagues in Washington are committed to drastically reforming our society in a way that makes our country even more vulnerable to the threats we face,” Manchin said.

The statement quickly angered many progressives in the Democratic Party, including Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who called his reasons for voting against the party “complete bullshit”.

“I was shocked by the vitriol,” McConnell said of the atmosphere across the aisle. “And actually it seemed to me that they called Senator Manchin a liar. I don’t think that was smart.”

“He’s not a good fit there, but that’s a decision he has to make in the end,” he continued, pointing to the possibility that Manchin might change sides.

“We certainly welcome him to join us if he was inclined to do so.”

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Turn the house and the senate over

Mitch McConnell expressed optimism that Manchin’s crushing of the Build Back Better bill could lead to a Republican majority by 2023.

“The American people have seen what real liberalism looks like,” McConnell explained. “Actually, I’d say more accurately what socialism looks like, and we’re headed for a very important by-election next year.”

“And we should, in all likelihood, send both the House and Senate to the Republican Party.”

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin was one of only two Democrats earlier this month to vote to revoke President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for private companies with 100 or more employees.

Manchin had said of the largely symbolic vote at the time that the federal government should “encourage, not penalize, private employers whose responsibility it is to protect their employees from COVID-19.”

Manchin was just about the only Democrat willing to cheer pro-American lines during President Donald Trump’s several State of the Union addresses.

Manchin, despite being looked at by others in his party, eventually gave in and joined Republicans in several ovations for President Trump as his Democratic colleagues continued to pout.

He would later tear up Democratic members of Congress for being “disrespectful”.

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