Milley Admits Several Journalists Leaked Information About Trump (VIDEO)

Milley Admits Several Journalists Leaked Information About Trump (VIDEO)

The commander of the US Central Command Gen. Kenneth McKenzie and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley testified before the Senate Committee on Tuesday about Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Milley admitted that he had leaked information about Trump to several reporters under questioning by Senator Marsha Blackburn.

Senator Blackburn asked Milley on Tuesday if he had spoken to Bob Woodword, the author of the new book “Peril,” which revealed that Milley had told China in a secret phone call that he would warn in advance if the US ever attacked.

“In a few secret phone calls, General Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, assured his Chinese counterpart, General Li Zuocheng of the PLA, that the US would not strike, according to the new book. written by Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward and national political editor Robert Costa.

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“Have you spoken to Bob Woodward or Robert Costa for their book ‘Peril’? Blackburn asked Milley.

“Woodward yes, Costa, no” Milley replied.

Milley admitted to leaking information to several journalists.

When asked if he was represented correctly in the books, Milley said he has not read any of the books.

“Let’s let you read the books and then let us know if you’re being presented and portrayed correctly,” Blackburn said.

“Absolutely. Happy to do so,” Milley replied.

Milley also defended his appeal to the CCP, promising to warn them of a potential attack.
Why isn’t this man in jail?


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