Manchin gets the last word even as House races to pass megabill

Manchin gets the last word even as House races to pass megabill

But even with multiple policy disputes lingering, House Democratic leaders and progressives are now poised to swiftly pass a bill that doesn’t have Manchin’s blessing and thus faces an uncertain fate in the Senate.

The fluid nature of the House bill comes as Senate Leader Chuck Schumer publicly urges the Senate to pass the bill for Social Security as early as Nov. 15, provided the House can approve it in the coming days. That timeline could shift, however, given the Senate’s other priorities and Manchin’s continued calls for a strategic pause.

As he left the Capitol on Thursday afternoon for a week-long break, Manchin said he “isn’t in control of the clock,” while Schumer weighs in to put the Biden-blessed bill on the floor as soon as possible. When asked if he would support his leader’s scheme, Manchin got into his car and shrugged theatrically.

Earlier in the day, Manchin told MSNBC that Democrats should “slow down” social spending and “wait and see if inflation is transient.” sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (DN.Y.) also indicated in an interview that her negotiations with Manchin about paid leave have not been completed: “There is still a door open.”

Some Senate Democrats are privately concerned that talks could drag on once climate and safety net legislation passes the House, leaving one caucus member, candid but anonymous, “very concerned.” running into the chamber’s other deadlines, including the December 3 deadline for current government funding, the expiring debt cap, and the need to pass the annual defense bill.

“We try to avoid that, of course,” said Senator Bob Casey (D-Pa.) of a lengthy back-and-forth with the House. “There has to be an alignment so we don’t have to have a third chapter for this.”

Even liberal senators recognize that the House bill is not the last word. sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt), who endorsed the House progressives’ decision to tie the Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure plan and social spending legislation together, said on Thursday the House version of the latest bill was subject to change. .

“Each entity has its own role to play,” Sanders said. “Obviously the House will do its job, and we have to do our job.”

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