Luzi Tudor Drops Stunning, 3-Track ‘Unbound: Victory of Love’ EP [LISTEN]

Luzi Tudor Drops Stunning, 3-Track ‘Unbound: Victory of Love’ EP [LISTEN]

Melodic house and techno DJ/producer Luzi Tudor emerges in 2022 with a gorgeous display of artistry, as heard with her latest body of work Unbound: Victory of Love — out now on Lane 8’s label, This Never Happened.

The tasteful, 3-track EP relishes in aesthetically pleasing melodics and atmospheres, balancing deep, euphoric sequences with unexpected moments that sharpen the senses. Each track is a journey, blending innovative synth work and instinctual grooves, with each concept evolving and growing more powerful as it progresses.

But what really makes Unbound: Victory of Love special is the way it makes us feel. It’s the kind of music that touches your heart and soul — and you radiate a more positive vibration because of it.

Luzi shares of the release:

The tracks on this EP are inspired by the complexities of many forms of love I’ve stepped into this past year. From self-love, to romantic, to platonic and the movement of these over time is something that’s brought me a lot of personal growth. The catharsis of expressing these emotions through my music has been really liberating. I hope that when listening to this EP, people are transported into a state of bliss and can be comforted that while change is the only constant, love never goes away it just changes its shape and form.

Along with the music, Luzi shares part of her personal journey:

I drastically changed the course of my life 8 years ago by getting into recovery from substances and mental health concerns. One of my counselors used to say, “If no one has told you they love you today, or you don’t love yourself today, I do.” And that helped me not only get through the toughest time in my life, but it filled that space just long enough until I was able to start loving myself and accepting other people’s love for me. I hope this EP does just that for people. It’s the way that I can now spread love to others.

Listen here and experience the vast soundscapes of Luzi Tudor’s “Shuffled Hearts,” “Evolve” and “Into Me See.”

Luzi Tudor – Unbound: Victory of Love


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