Love Victor Season 2 Interview With Michael Cimino

Love Victor Season 2 Interview With Michael Cimino

5. When you were growing up, were you aware of representation and how important it would be for you to lead a TV show someday?

I think those movies that made me want to be an actor really inspired me to push myself harder, to become a better artist, and to represent communities that aren’t really seen in those big movies. I didn’t really understand what representation was, and how important it was, when I was younger though.

6. What’s something about Love, Victor that you’re most proud of?

I think what’s a really encouraging thing for me is that it’s cool to think about executive producers and big networks seeing that there is a market for more LGBTQ stories because of Love, Victor. I think it encourages networks to think about telling more LGBTQ stories, especially after seeing the success of this.

7. What are some of the messages you’ve gotten from fans that really stand out to you?

I got a lot of really sweet messages about people relating to Victor and some people not relating to Victor, but just loving that there are LGBTQ stories being told. Even though maybe not every LGBTQ person relates to Love, Victor, it’s really cool to see how important the reception was to Season 1.

8. And what are your favorite stories from meeting fans?

I was in New York City and this girl, she was so sweet, she came up to me and she was like, “Hi, I love the show!” She was so nervous too. I was like, “Oh, thank you so much. That’s so sweet. Thank you for watching it.” And then she goes, “You’re pretty great in interviews too,” and then she just left. It was so cute. She was so nervous and it was just so sweet.

Another one, which happened pretty recently, was this girl walked past me with her girlfriend, and she was like, “Oh my god! I love your show.” And I said thank you and she just goes, “We’re gay! That’s why we saw the show! We’re super gay.” It was just so funny, and like the most New York thing ever. It was just so funny to me.

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