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Hopefully, Libra, you went full-on with the birthday celebrations this year because on Wednesday, October 23, the Sun waves adios to your sign (for another year, sniff!) as it shifts into strategic Scorpio and your second house of finances and security. This doesn’t necessarily mean no more partying until next September (as if!), but it DOES mean that your mind will be on your bottom line for the coming four weeks. As a goal-oriented cardinal sign, you naturally think about having enough resources to do the things you want in the future. And you’re realistic enough to know that money is a key to accomplishing them. Which is why you won’t shed many (if any) tears over the coming month as you get a clear-eyed handle on your fiscal fitness and identify your next set of intentions. Getting your budget together will probably require some austerity measures, but knowing that by doing so you’ll be able to get through the holidays without going into debt makes it worthwhile. However, easy does it! Cutting back past the point of comfort will only backfire with your aesthetically sensitive sign. One thing at a time, please! Cancel unused subscriptions and memberships for starters. Can you cook more meals at home and brown-bag lunch—and invite friends over for dinners? Replace that afternoon latte with the office brew and—the hardest part—put yourself on a “shopping detox” till you hit your next financial milestone. Fringe benefit? Some of those fun outfits relegated to the back of your closet will finally get some airtime!

This weekend, check your personal boundaries, securing the perimeter where needed. With passionate Mars stoking your motivational fires, you’ve got some personal projects in your sights. But Sunday’s annual skirmish with restraining Saturn in your home and family zone could cause some interference—in the form of a meddling friend or relative. They might not be supportive of your plans and are trying to dissuade you, or perhaps their own neediness threatens to derail your progress. You’re always there for your peeps, Libra—and maybe that’s why they continue to come to you to solve their problems. This might be the perfect moment to let their call go to voicemail or, if you do pick up, cut them off after a minute, explaining you’re on a tight deadline and have confidence in their ability to work this out!

Late on Sunday, you’ll could get an epiphany about how to rejigger your finances and open a whole new chapter of abundance. That night, the year’s only Scorpio new moon—of fresh starts!—lands in your budget-savvy second house. Whether you’re riddled with debt, just starting to grow a nest egg or are fairly flush, this is your annual time to set new fiscal goals that will keep you inspired for at least the next six months. If there is debt, consolidate it onto one low- (or no-) interest card. You might need to work with a professional to get this set up. Once you do, see what skills you can monetize—you know, those things friends are always asking you to help them with for free? Value yourself enough to put a price tag on it. Who knows, Libra? Your sideline passion could become your new career!

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