Kathy Hilton Tells All: RHOBH Memes, Pranks & Kyle Richards

Kathy Hilton Tells All: RHOBH Memes, Pranks & Kyle Richards

E! NEWS: I was cracking up over the Tahoe scene when you were in bed with Kyle and you had the potato chips and the Red Bull. Was that a normal nightly routine for you in bed?
KH: Sometimes I do get hungry. And she has no patience. I will say, Kyle is the greatest girl but she has no patience at all. I’m coming in there to spend time and to bond a little bit and just to be able…I was a little nervous because they said there were bears, and I’m bored and I’m not tired yet so I’m thinking, “Let’s kind of hang out.” And she just goes, “I want to go to sleep.” I came in thinking we’d sit up and chat. She’s very strict.

E! NEWS: I have to ask you about your eye sight. Have you thought about getting Lasik surgery?
KH: I got Lasik surgery and it was wonderful for about four years. I’ll never forget, the doctor said, “Go home. Rest your eyes for three hours and you’ll be fine.” I went out that evening to an art opening and literally, that was six hours later, and I’ll never forget I was talking to this woman and I could see every hair in her nostril. It was like unbelievable, but it just faded and it didn’t last.

And then when I finally put my readers on and I started to go, “Where are my glasses? I can’t find my glasses,” and I realize they’re on me, I thought, “Kathy, You’ve got to go back to the doctor’s. So many things have happened in the last 10 years, wonderful new procedures.” So I did go in, but I’d have to wear these blinder [things] in the house for eight weeks and I just was not able to do that. I just did that about a month ago. So I think I’m going to try to try to do that in the fall. 

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