Kanye West, the Self-Proclaimed ‘Anna Wintour of the Internet’ Talks Fashion & Its Expression of Personality

It’s not news that Kanye West has had a huge impact on the fashion world in recent years, with his Yeezy line making neutrals and streetwear the standard ‘fit of the young generation. In a new interview with GQ, the rapper talks to Jim Moore about what fashion means to him.

The rapper discusses how Ralph Lauren influenced him, and in a way, introduced him to designer fashion. “The first time we got some money, we came to the store. We started wearing two Polos at once,” he explained of the time following his debut album.

As for fashion as a whole, Ye says its everything for expressing who you are. “We have things where you look and say, ‘Okay, you look like you work at Ralph Lauren, you look like you work at GQ.’ So the outfit tells your story,” he said. “It tells your personality and your character.”

“There’s times where I’ll say, ‘I don’t feel Ye.’ Even when I’m putting these pants on for Sunday Service,” he continued. “I was sitting with my stylist Rene that I’ve been working with for so many years—we went to the Margiela atelier together, and did the Yeezus tour together. And when I put on the pants, I said, ‘Finally I feel like I know half of something. ‘I’d always felt so stupid, for years. I was just looking at photographs of myself, and I’d say, ‘I look so stupid in this photo.’ I finally looked like I know something. So the outfit, it means a lot.”

Moore then told the crowd that Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour gave her blessing for the creative director’s new book, Hunks & Heroes, but West wrote the forward. “Ye, the Anna Wintour of the internet,” the rapper responded “People I interview [for jobs], I say, ‘Yo, this is the Devil Wears Yeezy right now.’ Wait a second, I can’t say that as a Christian, so…”

West also talked about being accepted in the fashion industry. “People used to look at me as like, Oh, he’s just this rapper when we would be out in Paris. But I’ve loved being in this community of people who appreciated the art, the suffering, the pain. You know, [Alexander] McQueen! When I was in the hospital, there were times where I’d wake up in the morning and I’d go to the office against all corporate odds just for McQueen. There would be days where I’d say, I’m doing this for McQueen right now. I am still living. Because he was killed by the corporations.”

Read the full conversation here. 

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