John K ‘If We Never Met’ Video: Watch

When you’ve finally met the one you’re meant to be with, it’s crazy to think about what it’d be like if something went a little bit differently and your paths never crossed. John K ponders that, but is happy he found his love, in his simply heartwarming new video for “if we never met.”

The clip shows the crooner sitting on a block as grainy nature imagery plays on film behind him. The video is weaved with shots of the girl he loves singing along to the song about her. “What if you never / Called me back when I asked you? / Somethin’ stupid ’bout the weather / It all happened for a reason / ‘Cause you put me back together / But when I put it all together / It all comes back to you,” he muses.

The tune, which is making waves on the Adult Pop Songs airplay chart, is the title track from his debut Epic Records EP, released earlier this year.

Watch the “if we never met” video below.

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